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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Budget- it's time to get serious about budget cuts

As a citizen, I feel compelled to contact my representative, and the Speaker of the House.

I just sent the following to Speaker Boehner:

We elected a majority of Republicans specifically to address budget deficits. A debt crisis is looming. For the sake of my child I'd respectfully ask that you shut down the parts of government as necessary to ensure that there is a meaningful cut in spending. I believe the Democrats will eventually capitulate, and this shutdown will only be temporary. $61 Billion is almost negligible with respect to an almost $4 Trillion dollar budget. That's like a dozen golf balls for a weekend outing to president Obama, compared to the cost of the whole outing including Air Force One. So please do not listen to the biased media, and do what it takes, including not expanding the debt limit.
Thanks in advance for consideration for my and all our future generations of Americans.

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